Why Shark “Business”?

Shark Business

I love sharks and they are my business, but there is another important reason why me and my team chose to name our project “Shark Business”: Our belief is that society and business can thrive by investing in nature. Making conservation profitable is perhaps the most realistic way of solving many environmental problems.

Planning how best to mitigate threats and foster the recovery of biodiversity requires an understanding of the human social, political, and economic systems in which conservation operates. Insufficient planning for these realities leads to the failure of many conservation strategies. Understanding the behavior and practices that threaten marine species and developing methods that can change this are an essential part of our shark conservation project.

We don’t agree in forcing people to stop fishing, selling or eating sharks, but instead want to provide an incentive for them to protect shark’s habitats. Our plan to introduce shark ecotourism and generate income from this will ensure that these people consider sharks an asset. If we can offer a sustainable alternative to those who are currently profiting from shark fishing or the supply of shark products then this is undoubtedly the best way to engage them in shark conservation.

That is our mission: to act as a business that produces enough income to fund critical scientific research and demonstrate that sharks are worth more alive than dead to both our environment and our economy. 

This is what we have labelled: “Real World Shark Conservation”.


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