Discovering the biodiversity of Coiba National Park

A video we made for our friends, the park rangers of the Coiba National Park, Panama. It contains just a fraction of the species and amazing places we saw during our stay while looking for sharks. I hope to return to this paradise one day!

My Rolex Scholarship year!

Sharks mating in the Maldives!

I did this video as a part of my videography training in Kuredu Island, The Maldives. The task was to tell the story of this natural behaviour to the public of their resort, which are mainly honeymooners. It was a challenge for me to make this subject attractive to this kind of public, but at the end I enjoyed a lot making this film. I hope you enjoy it!

Story of the moment: There were three black tip reef sharks’ males following closely behind a female. I tried to get closer and closer, and after 45 minutes of observation I could finally witness the moment when a male bit her left pectoral fin, held her tight, and started the copulation. They did that few meters away from where I was and then she swam in between my legs (looking for protection, I guess), but it was too late, he was biting her harder and even though she was trashing a lot, she couldn’t release herself. For me it looked more like a rape and, for a second, I saw she was looking at me and I felt sad for her. However this is how it has been happening for millions of years and it is an evolutionary process to select the most determinate or persistent male and the strongest female. Actually the skin of the females is twice as thick as the males. It was honestly unbelievable to be so close to this violent situation! They were just on my feet and they didn’t care I was there. Another gift from the ocean!

Half of my scholarship program:

My first ever shark dive!


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